MVHS in English: The „Deutsche Eiche“ (German Oak)

Restaurant, hotel, and gay bathhouse

11.09.2019    09:30 -11:30

When homosexuality was still a social taboo, the "Deutsche Eiche" was already a popular meeting place for the gay scene and creative artists in Munich. Regulars such as Freddie Mercury and Rainer Werner Fassbinder further enhanced its popularity. Visit this legendary institution, owned by Dietmar Holzapfel and Sepp Sattler since 1993, and follow manager Roger Barta through the "Deutsche Eiche", its restaurant, hotel, and gay bathhouse and learn more about the history of this iconic building, the district in which it is situated "Gärtnerplatzviertel" and Munich's gay community.

Veranstalter MVHS München Mitte
Datum 11.09.2019
Uhrzeit 09:30 - 11:30
Stadtführer/in N.N.
Treffpunkt Meeting point: in front of the Hotel Deutsche Eiche, Reichenbachstr. 13
Anmeldung Registration necessary
Preis 3,00 € (administration fee)
Kursnummer I121345
Internet MVHS in English: The „Deutsche Eiche“ (German Oak)
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